Anita Lennox

Anita Lennox (B.S.c (Honours) + (P.G.dip)
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B.S.c (Honours) in Social Science & Psychology at Plymouth University
Counsellor at (NPCS L4 - further training in L5) & Professional Qualified Hypnotherapist (ACCPH)
Studied MSc in Mental Health & Psychological Therapies at Queen Mary University of London
Qualified Mindfulness Teacher with Shamash Aladina - Author of 'Mindfulness for Dummies'.  
I am a trained SEN teacher (P.G.C.E) and Therapeutic Counsellor (NPCS L4 - training in L5) offering various therapeutic and developmental psychology approaches. My background includes five years of intensive training and constant development in Personal Mindfulness & Meditation Practice. My focus is on positive aspects and outcomes by using a Humanistic & Integrative Approach to Counselling.   My experience is in Counselling/Coaching women using Specific programs for anxiety, confidence issues, self-esteem and self-development.  I also provide a general counselling service for all.
My interest in Mindfulness was inspired by the practice of Aikido and Buddhism. Having developed my knowledge, I then decided to become a practitioner from a Psychology perspective by embarking on extra training in a PG Cert in mental well-being and psychological therapies. Following this, my interests developed into the Integrative Approach, including a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Hypnotherapy.  My approach is client-centred and tailored to meet specific client need.  Having experienced self-development through these practices I decided to continue my training as a Counsellor to help others.
Therapy can be offered separately either through Counselling, Hypnotherapy or Mindfulness.  It can also be offered as a combination using a Pluralistic approach. 

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