Mindfulness for Change (ACT) 

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Anita is a Qualified Mindfulness Teacher with Shamash Aladina - (Author of 'Mindfulness for Dummies').  




Mindfulness is "A Personal Programme for a Healthy Mind"

Habit Reversal Therapy:  It is sometimes difficult to change bad habits alone and at times we may need help to get started.  The way we think can affect the way we feel and create our unwanted behaviour patterns.  Habit Reversal Therapy can help to change that by using CBT and Mindfulness. 
Treating:  Weight-loss, self Esteem, confidence and other presenting issues.  
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Simply try Mindfulness for Change (ACT) 
Are you following old patterns you would like to change?
Would you like to feel stress free, more focused and develop new attitudes to life?
Are you ready to change old habits?
Learn the following through Mindfulness Therapy/Counselling:
  • • Increased Self-Awareness.
  • • Self-Acceptance and Compassion.
  • • Equality in Relationships.
  • • Balanced Attitudes to Life.
Mindfulness Therapy/Counselling can help!
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (M.B.C.T.) -
Learn about - Depression, low mood, anxiety, worry, stress, panic and how M.B.C.T. can help you! 

One on one sessions to help you reduce stress and anxiety using Mindfulness Methods. It's important to invest in yourself.

Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners

FREE when you book either Mindfulness therapy sessions, a course or audio therapy.  

Mindfulness Course-Books

Course-Book 1: Mindfulness for Women: 
A 6-Week Course book in Explorative Mindfulness - Change your Attitude to Make your Life Better and Become the Best Version of Yourself! (suitable for beginners)

A Personal Programme for a Healthy Mind!  Available soon for you to experience the benefits of Mindfulness Methods through meditation and daily life in work-book form. 
Keep a look out for the Full Book- Course @ £TBD
Whats is Included?
  • A Free Mindfulness Guide
  • A Free Journal
  • A Free ’Short Breathing Meditation’ MP3
Explore Mindfulness in meditation and daily life. This 6-week programme will enhance your health, work life, relationships, goals and self-development.  Book includes the following: Chapters on Mindfulness in Daily Life - Scripts and Audio Meditations for Life Balancing.  
Course-Book 2: Guided Visualisation and Journaling. Experience various guided visualisations and make enquiries using journals. An explorative weekly Mindfulness course for self-awareness and direction. (Online or PDF).
Coming Soon!  Course-Books for Children:  Guided Visualisations and Mindfulness Meditations. 

You will learn:
  • How to use the breath as an anchor
  • Ways to reduce stress and anxiety
  • How to become in tune with your physical and emotional body, identifying where your stress arises
  • How your thoughts, feelings and reactions interfere with a more peaceful approach to life, people and circumstances
  • How gratitude, equanimity and compassion can change your relationships for the better
  • New attitudes and perspectives to life - and how to maintain them
  • To observe changes to thoughts, habits and reactions and gain control
  • Journalling, enquiry and reflection
Course can take place online (Zoom) or in person at South Devon House, Totnes.

Become empowered and use your inner resources to identify and make the necessary changes to your life.