Mindfulness & Hypnotherapy for Stress Reduction & Personal Growth

Do you feel something is holding you back?

Do you feel you need to change aspects of your life?

Are you willing to work toward those changes?

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Everything is created twice, first in the mind, and then in reality"

Robin S Sharma

Mindfulness Therapy

Are you suffering from stress or anxiety issues, do you sometimes feel depressed?

Would you like to feel stress free, more focused and with a fresh new attitude?

Are you ready to make a change?

Some Symptoms of Stress Include:

  • • headaches or dizziness.
  • • muscle tension or pain.
  • • stomach problems.
  • • chest pain or a faster heartbeat.
  • • sexual problems.

Mindfulness can change that!

What is Mindfulness Therapy?

A programme designed to focus on your individual present problem. Mindful methods and practical application can help you to become more aware of the present moment and to develop self-awareness. What happens during the process? During therapy, we begin to notice our own feelings and thought patterns, we also learn to see our thoughts for what they are and have more control over them, that is when change begins.

The Benefits: We begin to notice signs of stress and anxiety more immediately and to use mindful methods to reduce their significance.

The Treatment Process:

A mindful meditation & stress reduction programme, including meditation, mindful methods, SFT and CBT techniques for change, awareness and well-being.

Benefits of Treatment:

Clarity of mind, self-awareness, stress & anxiety reduction, a balance of self-esteem and confidence, emotional intelligence, and better concentration.


Do you feel that something is holding you back?

Are you ready to make positive changes?

Would you like to get to the root of the problem?

Hypnotherapy can help!

What is Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy?

Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy is a very powerful and effective treatment; it is designed to reprogramme your mind to help you to respond differently to triggers in your mind.

What is Hypnotherapy?

A relaxed state of mind that helps you to alter your unwanted behaviour patterns

A state that releases negative blocks in the subconscious mind clearing and creating a path for new patters

A therapy that opens your mind to suggestibility for positive patterns of change towards your goals

Hypnotherapy is a therapy technique in which hypnosis is used to adjust a person's mind, body perspective and behaviour patterns. When done well It can create an increase in productivity and a rise within a client’s well-being and general outlook in daily life. Resulting from the deeply relaxed and refreshed state many people report during post therapy sessions. Overall Hypnotherapy causes the heightened awareness of the hypnotic state which in turn helps you focus on a problem more clearly. Combined with Solutions Focused Therapy the goal of the therapist is to help you find a solution to your problem. SFT focuses on the present and future, the client’s strengths, skills and resources. A positive approach to change, where focus is on the here and now, the next steps and the solution to the problem.

Why choose Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy can help change our lives significantly. Significant changes might be to help us to take back control in our lives, improve our relationships, quit harmful habits, help to beat phobias, deal with anxieties and worries and increase our self-esteem. There is so much more that Hypnotherapy can help us with.

Treatment Process:

  • Suggestion Therapy
  • Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy
  • Erickson Ian Hypnosis
  • Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy

Get to the root of the problem!

Mindfulness Course

A Personal Programme for a Healthy Mind! BOOK NOW and experience the benefits of Mindfulness Methods through meditation and daily life.

A six-week 1-1 course to introduce and familiarise you with Mindfulness practices to reduce stress and improve well-being.

Wk1: Breathing Space Meditation

Wk2: Body Scan – Self-Awareness

Wk3: Eating Contemplation - Gratitude

Wk4: Walking and Movement Meditation

Wk5: Self-Compassion – Sitting with Feelings

Wk6: Thought Door Meditation

Free journal, scripts and guidance

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Become empowered and use your inner resources to identify and make the necessary changes to your life.